Novelty And Birthday Cake Tins

Novelty And Birthday Cake Tins

Fun novelty shaped aluminium cake tins and pans for all occasions - from 3D cars to castle and tiara tins for a princess, there is something here for all ages.

We recommend that when baking in these tins you use the 'Bake Easy' non-stick spray to achieve perfect cake release every time. The 'Bake Easy' spray can be used for all recipes including breads and yorkshire puddings.

We also sell 1 Kilo packs of Madeira and Chocolate cake mix all available in our edibles section from the home page.

Wilton Jersey Cake Tin
Wilton Jersey Cake Tin Product Code: WIL21050051

Versatile non-stick tin, perfect for making a cake for a football themed party, a shirt cake for Father's Day, a babygro or a tee shirt. Have fun adding detail such as ties, braces, buttons and patterns.

Approx.315mm x 245mm

£10.50 more info
Wilton Bottle Cake Tin
Wilton Bottle Cake Tin Product Code: WIL21050050

This bottle-shaped non-stick cake tin will save time & wastage - utilise this rather than having to bake a rectangular cake and cutting it to shape! This versatile tin is great for all celebratory cakes; as a champagne bottle for anniversaries & special birthdays, a baby bottle at a baby shower (just add a teet), a beer bottle for Father's Day or a wine bottle for Mother's Day!

Approx.350mm x 110mm

£10.50 more info
Wilton Monkey (Chimp) Face Tin
Wilton Monkey (Chimp) Face Tin Product Code: WIL21050053

Versatile non-stick tin to bake a cake in the shape of a monkey head with indents for eyes & nostrils. Wilton also suggest the tin works just as well to create a cute cow! (Please click on 2nd photo for cow's head image)
Baking instructions are included.

Approx.315mm x 240mm at widest points

£10.50 more info
Wilton Musical Note Tin
Wilton Musical Note Tin Product Code: WIL21050054

Semi-quaver shaped non-stick tin, great for baking a cake for someone musical, be it on their birthday or to congratulate them on passing a music exam!

Approx.390mm (l) x 310 (w) x 35mm (d)

£10.50 more info
Skeleton Tin
Skeleton Tin Product Code: WIL21058923

Fab skeleton tin - perfect size to make a cake for a Halloween tea. This tin offers you the choice of either cooking a chocolate cake or covering a cake in sugarpaste and adding white sugarpaste or pipe icing where the bones are to go.
Recommended board size is 16" x 12".

Approx.208mm x 355mm

£11.25 more info
Pillow Pan Set
Pillow Pan Set Product Code: WIL21050575

4 piece aluminium pillow pan set; includes 3 tins & a heating core. These may create a romantic tiered wedding cake in a classic ring pillow shape or even a perfect cake for your Cinderella princess with a 3D shoe on top.

Tin 1 - approx. 170mm x 170mm
Tin 2 - approx. 254mm x 254mm
Tin 3 - approx. 336mm x 336mm

£38.50 more info
Pink Silicone Cake Pop Mould
Pink Silicone Cake Pop Mould Product Code: KCSILCPOP

Flexible silicone 20 cavity spherical mould, ideal for making uniform sized cake pops. For use with cake pop sticks. Includes a recipe for your cake pops too.

Approx. 180 x 225mm
Individual cavity - approx. 40mm dia.

£9.48 more info
Medium 3d Cupcake Tin
Medium 3d Cupcake Tin Product Code: ED86032

This medium 3D cupcake pan is great for any occasion and really simple to bake and decorate. Click on info for decorating idea.

Size of tin: 15 x 8 inches

Size of finished cake: Base - 5 inches Across middle - 7 inches Height - 6 inches

£15.31 more info
3D Car Cake Tin
3D Car Cake Tin Product Code: WIL21052043

3D Cake car cake tin. Size: Approx 28cm (L)x17cm (W) x10cm(D).

Recommended board size: 16 inch x 12 inch. Click on photo for alternative view.

£14.29 more info
3D Choo Choo Train Pan
3D Choo Choo Train Pan Product Code: WIL21052861

Make your own 3-dimensional party express cake for birthdays, going away celebrations, job promotions, and more!

Length:Approx 10 inches (21.5cm) Width:
Approx 4 inches (8.5 cm)
Board size: 12" x 10"

£15.83 more info
Butterfly Tin
Butterfly Tin Product Code: WIL21052079

Aluminium butterfly tin, complete with easy to follow instructions. 

Size: 11" x 8" x 2" deep Recommended board size: 15 inch

£14.29 more info
Christmas Pudding Mould With Stand
Christmas Pudding Mould With Stand Product Code: S50752

Spherical mould for Christmas puddings, novelty ball cakes, ice cream bombes and summer puddings. Comes with a stand for easy use.

Available in 2 sizes.

2 pint / 1 litre 5" across     
1 pint / ½ litre 4" across  

£16.45 more info
Classic Wonder Mould
Classic Wonder Mould Product Code: WILI2105L565

Create various doll/princess cakes (easy-to-follow instructions for 5 designs included). The set includes aluminium baking pan, heat conducting rod for even baking, aluminium stand, doll pick and instructions. Size: 9" diameter x 5 ½" deep doll pick - 7" Board size: 12" round

Please note the wonder mould comes with a brunette doll pick (the blonde doll pick shown in the photo of example cake is available to purchase individually if required).

£20.42 more info
Cross Tin
Cross Tin Product Code: WIL21052509

Bevel design aluminum cross tin - ideal for Christenings, Communions and other religous occasions. Insructions are included.

Size: 14.5" x 11" x 2"
Recommended board size: 18 inch x 14 inch

£14.29 more info
Dinosaur Tin
Dinosaur Tin Product Code: WIL21051022

This prehistoric party pal has a fun loving look that's just right for kids birthdays.

Size: 12" x 11" x 2"
Recommended board: 14" Square

£14.29 more info
Guitar Tin
Guitar Tin Product Code: WIL2105570

Aluminium guitar tin.

Size: 16.5" x 8.5" x 2" deep
Recommended board size: 18 inch x 12 inch

£14.29 more info
Large Book Tin
Large Book Tin Product Code: WIL21052521

Large aluminium open book tin - with easy-to-follow instructions. Takes 2 kilos of the all-in-one madeira cake mix. Size: Large is approx 15.5" x 11.5"

Recommended board size: 18" x 14"

In addition you will need 2kg of Madeira cake mix/chocolate cake mix and 2kg of Sugarpaste.

£20.42 more info
Large Star Tin
Large Star Tin Product Code: WIL21052512

Great for all celebrations from birthdays to Christmas.

Size: Approx 2" deep, 12" point to point

£14.29 more info
Princess Carriage Tin
Princess Carriage Tin Product Code: WIL21051027

Just the perfect cake for a little princess. Size: 12" x 10" x 2" deep

Recommended board: 14" x 12'

You will also need 1kg of cake mix and 1kg of Sugarpaste

£14.29 more info
Romantic Castle Kit
Romantic Castle Kit Product Code: WIL301910

Create the most romantic castle cake ever - can be used for a wedding or birthday cake. Click on photo to see more details.

To make this cake you will need a 6' single thick card and a 15' drum board and box.

Tins: 6' round and 10' tin

Sugarpaste: 2kg (500g to cover the 6' cake and 1250g to cover the 10' cake) as well as 2kg of cake mix.

£24.00 more info
Rugby/American Football Tin
Rugby/American Football Tin Product Code: WIL21056504

Aluminium rugby/american football tin - comes with easy to follow instructions.

Size: 12" x 8" x 2" deep
Recommended board size: 14" x 10"

£14.29 more info
Soccer Ball / Football Tin
Soccer Ball / Football Tin Product Code: WIL21052044

Aluminium soccer ball tin. Easy to follow instruction included.

Diameter Size: 9 inches (23cm)

Recommended board size: 13 inch round or square

We also suggest 1kg of Madeira/Chocolate cake mix and 1kg of sugarpaste.

£14.29 more info
Sports Ball Tin Set
Sports Ball Tin Set Product Code: WIL21056506

Aluminium sports ball tin.

Size: 6 inches diameter x 5 inches high
Board size: 10 inches round

£14.29 more info
Sweet Heart Tin
Sweet Heart Tin Product Code: K21051197

This aluminum sweet heart tin has a gently curving shape that gives the classic heart a more romantic flair.

Size: 10.25" x 11" x 2" deep
Recommended board size: 13 inch

£14.29 more info
Teddy Bear Tin
Teddy Bear Tin Product Code: WIL21051193

Aluminium teddy bear cake tin

Size: Approx 33cm(H) x 31cm(W) x 5cm(D)
Recommended board size: 16 inch x 14 inch

£14.29 more info
Train Tin
Train Tin Product Code: KNI21052076

Train tin - comes with easy to follow instructions with a variety of designs. Size: 14" x 7" x 2" deep Recommended board size: 18 inch x 12 inch

£14.29 more info
Wilton Cupcake Tin
Wilton Cupcake Tin Product Code: WIL21053381

Create a giant cup cake - comes with instructions and ideas on decoration.

Size: 10" x 10"
Recommended board: 13" round

£14.29 more info
Wilton Number One Cake Tin
Wilton Number One Cake Tin Product Code: WIL21051194

For the all important first celebration, 1st birthday, 1st anniversary or contest winners.

Size: 14" x 10" Board required 14" x 16"

£14.29 more info
Large 3d Cupcake Tin
Large 3d Cupcake Tin Product Code: WIL21055038

For any occasion, create one big cup cake and have fun decorating it however you like - bake top and bottom and simply assemble together. The heavyweight cast aluminium tin conducts heat evenly and the premium non-stick surface means your cake will release perfectly.

Lifetime Warranty. Size of tin: 15.5 x 8" Size of cake: 8" across at top, 5" across at bottom, approx 7" high

£28.59 more info
Small Pumpkin Tin
Small Pumpkin Tin Product Code: ED82003

Non-stick pumpkin cake tin, ideal for a small Halloween gathering.

22.5 x 22.5 x 4.5cm

We suggest a board size of 11' with a box and 500g of cake mix and sugarpaste.

£5.99 more info
Noah's Ark Tin
Noah's Ark Tin Product Code: K21050249

Aluminium Noah's Ark tin, complete with easy to follow instructions. This is perfect for 1st birthdays, Christenings or naming ceremonies. If you are using our madeira or chocolate mix you will require 1 kilo.

Size: 9.5" x 11.5" x 2" deep
Recommended board required: 12" x 14"

£14.29 more info
Aeroplane Tin
Aeroplane Tin Product Code: WIL21050250

Aluminium aeroplane tin, complete with easy to follow instructions. This is perfect for that budding pilot or a 'farewell & good luck' cake. If you are using our madeira or chocolate mix you will require 1 kilo.

Size: Approx. 11.5" x 12.25" x 2" deep
Recommended board required: 15" round board

£14.29 more info
Christmas Tree Tin & Red 14 Inch Square Drum Board
Christmas Tree Tin & Red 14 Inch Square Drum Board Product Code: K21052081SET

Fantastic value tree tin & red 14" square drum board.

Pan - 14 inches x 10 inches x 2 inches deep
Board - 14 inch (355mm)

£9.99 more info