How To Decorate A Mermaid Number 3 Cake

How To Decorate A Mermaid Number 3 Cake

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Sattina Primrose Yellow Sugarpaste

Options: Primrose Yellow 500g Tub
1 £3.99
Sattina Mediterranean Blue Sugarpaste

Options: Med Blue 500g Tub
2 £3.99
Sattina Pretty Lilac Sugarpaste

Options: Pretty Lilac 250g Pack
1 £1.50
Sattina Blush Pink Sugarpaste

Options: Blush Pink 250g Pack
1 £1.50
Blue And White Mix Mini Sugar Pearl Sprinkles

1 £2.30
Vanilla Frosting (700g Tub)

1 £5.85
PME Blade And Shell Tool

1 £3.47
Rainbow Dust Super Strength Edible Glue

Options: 25ml Pot
1 £2.40
Invicta 12 Inch X 10 Inch Rectangular (Slab) Tin

1 £19.28
Rectangular Cake Drums In Silver

Options: 14 x 12 Inch
1 £2.74
PME Straight / Flat Blade Palette Knife
Out of Stock
1 £3.60
Sugarflair Baby Blue Food Colouring

Options: Single Colour
1 £2.40
1 Metre Length Of Satin Lilac Ribbon

Options: 15mm
2 £0.57
White Plastic Heart Cookie Cutters (6Pc.)
Out of Stock
1 £3.52
Flat Brush No.3 P45

1 £3.60
Pack Of 25 Pink & White Cake Pop Straws
Out of Stock
1 £2.08
Small Closed Star Tube No.842

1 £3.25
Cornflour Pouch

Options: Single
1 £2.75
Dusky Pink Sugarflair Edible Blossom Tint Dusting Colour

1 £2.10
14ml Rejuvenator Spirit

1 £1.98
Light Gold Designer Metallic Lustre Dust Food Colour By Squires Kitchen

1 £4.40
Sugarflair Pastel Cherry Red Food Colouring

Options: Single Colour
1 £2.40
Sugarflair Tangerine/Apricot Food Colouring

Options: Single Colour
1 £2.40
9 Inch Non-Stick Rolling Pin

1 £4.99
Hamilworth Stainless Steel Set Of 3 Circle Cutters

Options: Set Of 3 (Medium)
1 £4.40