How To Make A Camera Cake

How To Make A Camera Cake

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Product Quantity Price Add Item(s) to Basket
Golden Delight Madeira Cake Mix

Options: 1Kg
1 £5.15
Rectangular Hardboard Cards In Silver

Options: 10 x 8 Inch
1 £1.46
Vanilla Frosting (700g Tub)

1 £5.85
PME Straight / Flat Blade Palette Knife
Out of Stock
1 £3.60
Silver Round Cake Drum / Cake Board

Options: 16 In. (406mm) in SILVER
1 £3.36
Sattina True Red Sugarpaste

Options: True Red 500g Tub
1 £3.99
9 Inch Non-Stick Rolling Pin

1 £4.99
Reversible 6 Piece Circular Cutter Set

1 £3.95
Set Of 3 Round Plunger Cutters

1 £5.06
Pink Square Firm Foam Former Pad

1 £3.60
PME Design Wheeler With 3 Heads

1 £4.70
Set Of 6 Circle Cutters

1 £8.58
Set Of 4 Square Cutters

1 £6.60
PME Mini Palette Knife

1 £2.99
Sattina White Sugarpaste

Options: 1Kg Tub
1 £4.30
Renshaw Ready To Roll Grey Icing (Sugarpaste)
Out of Stock
Options: Single Pack
1 £1.50
Nylon Brush No.1 P41

1 £2.58
Flat Brush No.5 P45

1 £4.60
Stainless Steel Shaker
Out of Stock
1 £5.06
Cutting Wheel

1 £3.47
Leather Texture Sheet
Out of Stock
1 £6.25
25g Pot Of Squires Kitchen Edible Glue

1 £2.65
Pme Bone Tool

1 £3.47
Fmm Multi Ribbon Cutter Tool

Options: Single
1 £10.25
PME Ball Tool

1 £3.47
PME Black Brush N Fine Pen

1 £3.50
Rolkem Super Silver Metallic Food Colouring Lustre Dust
Out of Stock
Options: 10ml pot
1 £2.75
White Sugarflair Edible Blossom Tint Dusting Colour

1 £2.10
White Paint Palette

1 £2.99
14ml Rejuvenator Spirit

1 £1.98
Wool Texture Embossing Sheet

1 £6.25
Renshaw Dahlia Black Decor-Ice Flower & Modelling Paste
Out of Stock
Options: Single Pack
1 £3.60
Sattina Ready To Use Royal Icing Mix

1 £3.70
Medium Greaseproof Piping / Icing Bags (8Pc.)
Out of Stock
1 £1.75
Pme Writing Piping Nozzle (Tube) No.1.5

1 £2.55
Sugarflair Ruby (Red) Food Colouring

Options: Single Colour
1 £2.40
Fmm Alphabet And Number Upper Case Cutter Set

Options: Single Set
1 £5.75
Fmm Alphabet Lower Case Cutter Set

Options: Single Set
1 £4.60
Stainless Steel Angled Tweezers
1 £5.53
Squires Kitchen Vacuum Pack Florist Paste In White

1 £4.45
50g Pot Of PME Petal Base

1 £1.90
Pme Sugarcraft Knife With Insertion Blade

1 £3.47
Dusting Brush No.6 P18

1 £6.10
20m Reel Of Double Sided Tape

1 £2.10
Straight Edge Curved Top Smoother / Polisher

1 £4.85
Sattina Pitch Black Sugarpaste

Options: Pitch Black 500g Tub
1 £3.99