Sugarcraft Gun

Instructions for use
Knead a small amount of paste until softened and roll into a thin sausage to fit into the barrel of the gun (rubbing a little white vegetable fat onto the paste before going into the barrel helps). Choose the disc you require, place in head and screw onto gun.

Push down plunger until the paste is at the bottom of the barrel and as you continue to depress lever gently, the icing will be forced out through the disc in the desired pattern.

Suggestions for use of Discs - 16 Discs Included
For hair, grass and flower stamens use the mesh discs.
For ribbons, lattice and basketweave use slotted discs.
For ropes use the clover leaf shaped discs.
The square and half round discs can be used for bricks and logs.

  • Sugarcraft Gun
    Sugarcraft Gun

    Product Code: GUYKLAY50

    The sugarcraft gun is brilliant for creating ropes, hair, ribbons and many other shapes out of flowe...


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