Thermometers for Jam & Chocolate Making

Sugar thermometers are an essential tool when making your own home made jams and preserves. We have a selection of jam thermometers which are perfect for the job. You can also use these cooking thermometers when melting chocolate or chocolate chips. Tempering chocolate can be quite tricky, so make the job a lot easier with a chocolate thermometer!

Thermometers can also be used when making caramel or butterscotch, where achieving just the right temperature is key to getting the result you desire. They can also be used for deep frying when making doughnuts. Simply clip it on the side of your pan and supervise until it reaches the ideal temperature.

If you're using a thermometer to work with chocolate, pick up some chocolate moulds in your favourite shapes to make beautiful gifts for friends and family, especially at Christmas time! Pop them in a chocolate box or a sweet box and wrap with a pretty ribbon.