Icing & Sugarcraft Modelling tools

Cake modelling tools are essential for all your edible (and non-edible) modelling. We have a wide range of sugarcraft tools, from scalpels and cutting wheels, to quilting tools and bone tools, we have everything you need to make stunning sugar models or clay models (keep food use and non-food use tools separate). Wash carefully after use and protect polished surfaces from scratching.

Our modelling tools can be used to model sugarpaste, modelling paste, flower paste, marzipan, clay etc. We have ball tools for shaping petals for sugar flowers, veining tools for creating detail on sugar leaves, and a range of sugarcraft essentials, including a cake tester.

Every tool is designed for a specific function, so it's quite important to select the right tools for the technique or effect you are aiming to achieve. You could pick up a set of the most popular PME modelling tools if you're unsure which tools you might need, or if you just want the whole collection straight away!

For more equipment to make icing flowers and sugar models, including more modelling tools, stamens, floral tape, wires, and flower picks, check out our range of flower making equipment.