• Pme Tilting Turntable
    Pme Tilting Turntable

    Product Code: PMETT460

    Tilting turntable for use with celebration cakes and ideal when decorating sides. It is fitted with ...


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  • Pme Icing Turntable
    Pme Icing Turntable

    Product Code: PMEIT461

    Icing turntable - a compact version with non-slip buttons and textured top surface. It has a smooth ...


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  • Bakers Turntable
    Bakers Turntable

    Product Code: KNIBT462

    Icing turntable 12 inches across. Fitted with non-slip feet and removable non-slip mat. It has a smo...


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  • Tala Turntable
    Tala Turntable

    Product Code: GEH9731

    Cake decorating turntable which operates on steel ball-bearings. Size:10 inches in diameter...


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