Non Stick Sheets For Run Outs

A reusable non-stick sheet that is ideal for making icing run-outs. We tested this sheet out and it took all the stress away from making run-outs. We found the easiest way is to use a cake board and stick the run-out template onto it using a glue like Pritt Stick (you only need to stick a corner down just to keep the template in place). Now place the non stick sheet over the top of the template and stick down with a little Pritt Stick on each corner.

The sheet is completely transparent so that you can easily pipe around the template and firm enough that it will not crease while you are filling the run out in. Leave your run outs to dry for at least 24 hours and they will easily release from the sheet. To give your run outs a shiny finish rather than a matt finish, place them under a warm lamp for half an hour to start the drying process.