Piping Nozzles PME/Jem Professional

Our range of piping equipment includes piping nozzles in a range of different shapes and sizes. Choose from a wide array of different piping tips, including flower piping nozzles for floral wedding cakes or rose topped cupcakes, and leaf piping nozzles for piping leaves alongside your sugar flowers. We also offer star icing nozzles to recreate a classic cupcake swirl, and grass piping nozzles for a realistic garden effect or a fur effect on an animal cake! Our piping nozzles are available to buy individually, or you can buy them as part of a number of larger piping kits to treat yourself to an instant collection, or to give as a gift to the lucky cake decorator in your life.

We stock a range of couplers which you can use to quickly change the nozzle on your piping bag without emptying the icing from the bag. We also have a wide array of piping bags, including disposable piping bags, plastic piping bags, and reusable piping bags.

Don't forget to pick up an icing bag stand, especially if you're making a rainbow cake for a kids birthday party so you can have piping bags filled with different colours of icing to hand! Check out our piping bags, icing nozzles & accessories for more piping equipment, including icing bag stands, tip cleaning brushes, and so much more.