Textured & Embossed Rolling Pins

Embossed rolling pins are perfect for creating effective patterns in your sugarpaste. Simply roll out to your desired shape and size with a regular rolling pin, then use a textured rolling pin to indent your fondant icing with stars, swirls, flowers, or even a knitted effect for Winter!

Make stunning snowflake cookies using a star rolling pin, and create a warm scarf for a penguin cake topper using the knit embossed rolling pin – perfect for Christmas! There are so many different patterns and designs you can create using these rolling pins, so get experimenting.

Large rolling pins are perfect for rolling out sugarpaste to cover large cakes, whilst small rolling pins are great for flower making or making sugar models and cake decorations. For best results, dust your work surface with a little icing sugar or cornflour to ensure your sugarpaste or modelling paste does not stick to your work surface. Check out the full range of icing rolling pins for more sizes and patterns.