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Icings, Sugarpaste, Food Colours & Ingredients

In this section we have everything you could possibly need to create and decorate a cake for any occasion. If you are pressed for time, bake one of our cake mixes that simply needs water but tastes delicious. To make it bespoke, why not try adding one of our fabulous flavourings!   Choose from our vast selection of sugarpastes or chocolate to cover your cake/cupcakes and peruse our range of modelling pastes to create decorations and flowers. If you can't find the exact colour sugarpaste you need, you will surely discover the right match in our edible food colourings.   Our 'Sugarcraft Essentials' section offers you everyday products to make your cake baking and decorating a little easier - for example, edible glue and products to ensure your cake releases from your tin every time!