Gold & Silver Food Colourings

A selection of silver and gold food colourings for cake decorating. These shades are perfect for cake painting and making a striking metallic cake or a classy Christmas cake for the festive season! The range includes an array of silver and gold Sugarflair food colouring and edible lustre dusts which can be mixed with rejuvenator spirit in a paint palette to make a dazzling edible paint. There's even a rose gold lustre dust which can be used to paint a very trendy rose gold tier on a birthday cake!

If you're looking for something more intense, pick up some edible gold leaf or silver leaf to attach to the sides of a wedding cake. You could also use a little gold leaf to decorate Christmas chocolates. A much cheaper and almost as effective way of achieving a gold cake comparable to using gold leaf is to use the Super Gold Rolkem food colouring. Simply mix a little Super Gold with rejuvenator spirit to create a liquid gold paint for your cakes and sugar decorations.

To see a wider range of colours, including all of our gel colours and paste food colouring (perfect for marzipan!), take a look at the full range of food colouring.