Edible Spray Paint & Edible Lustre Sprays

Create stunning lustre effects with these edible spray colours. They can be used to highlight or colour sugarpaste, chocolate, sugar flowers, buttercream and marzipan to give a whole new look to your celebration cakes, cupcakes and desserts.

Food colour spray can be used on a range of cake coverings, and they are the perfect choice if you're looking to create a metallic or pearl effect on your cakes and decorations. A wide range of PME edible lustre sprays in both metallic and standard colours can be found here, along with some sprays by Colour Splash. Gold and silver lustre sprays are a great choice for Christmas cakes to add a touch of festive glamour and class.

These edible lustre sprays are so simple to use! Shake the can before use and hold about 15mm (6") away from the area or decoration you are spraying to apply a light even coat. Once fully dried, you can add more layers to intensify the colour as desired. A spray gun is a great tool if you want to control the application of colour a little better. They can be used again and again!

To see a wider range of colours, including all of our gel colours and paste food colouring (perfect for marzipan!), take a look at the full range of food colourings.