Flower Paste, Mexican Paste & Modelling Paste

Flower & Modelling Paste

Flower paste, modelling paste, mexican paste for making pretty sugar flowers, sugar models, and cake toppers. Gum paste and florist paste is great for making icing flowers for a floral cake, and can be coloured using edible food colouring. Colour your paste with red food colouring to make beautiful bright red sugar roses!

Gum tragacanth is perfect for strengthening royal icing, and for sticking cake decorations together or directly onto cakes. Sattina Perfect Paste incorporates a 50/50 mix of Sattina sugarpaste & modelling paste, so it's perfect for making ruffles & unwired flowers and decorations. Perfect paste stays malleable for longer than modelling paste and does not set as hard, giving you the opportunity to have longer to roll out and assemble cake ruffles, as well as not breaking a tooth if eaten!

For more things floral, including modelling tools, stamens and floral tape to make that perfect wedding cake topper, have a look at our flower making equipment.