Hundreds And Thousands

Hundreds and Thousands are classic cake sprinkles for decorating your cakes and cupcakes. Scatter them generously over buttercream, trifles, cookies, and desserts, and watch your bakes come to life. Rainbow sprinkles look fabulous against a white buttercream backdrop, and we have a wide range of coloured nonpareils and sugar pearl sprinkles to give your cakes an effortless touch of glamour.

Colourful sugar sprinkles are the perfect finishing touch to cupcakes for children's birthday parties, or for sticking around the sides of a tall buttercream cake to create a trendy look. Rainbow cake sprinkles can also be used to cover cake pops for a fun alternative to cupcakes! Just dip your cake pops in some melted colour melts, then dip them straight into sprinkles or scatter them over the top.

Check out the full range for a wider variety of sprinkles, including edible glitter, dragees, edible confetti, sugar strands, and sugar diamonds. There's plenty to choose from, including pink sprinkles for Barbie cakes, red edible glitter for Valentine's Day, and beautiful pearl dragees and edible balls for wedding cakes!