Chocolate Icing Writers

Chocolate icing writers are perfect for piping personalised messages on your cakes and cake decorations for a birthday party or any special occasion.

Choose from dark, white, or milk chocolate choco writers and pipe to your heart's content! These are great for chocolate lovers, and are easy to use when doing intricate designs on cookies, truffles, cake pops and desserts. Create a detailed chocolate spider web for Halloween, or a white chocolate snowflake for the festive season! The easy to handle tubes with their wipe clean nozzle means no messy piping bags - simply pop into boiling water, wait, snip & swirl! These icing writers are also great for dipping fruit or squeezing chocolate into moulds, as well as using stencils as a guide under greaseproof paper to pipe decorations.

The range also includes Chocoholic Vanilla premium striped cupcake frosting – a chocoholic's dream! This easy-squeeze tube means you can get rid of your piping bags and tubes, as you swirl your frosting directly onto your cupcakes with the special wide star piping nozzle attached.

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