Chocolate Chips & Colour Melts

Chocolate chips and Colour Melts are so easy to melt and perfect for using with chocolate moulds, making confectionery, creating delicious desserts, drizzling over cookies and cupcakes, and dipping cake pops to coat in a variety of colours for all occasions throughout the year.

We stock the most luxurious callebaut chocolate couverture chips in white, milk, and dark chocolate – just pop it in the microwave and slowly melt and stir until glossy. To make the job slightly less messy, use a melting jug or a chocolate melting pot!

Although not technically chocolate, Colour Melts are colourful buttons, ideal for coating, melting, dipping and decorating. The buttons melt down to a silky smooth texture with the consistency of chocolate but none of the fuss as no tempering is required.