Gold & Silver Leaf

Edible gold leaf and silver leaf is perfect for adding some luxurious sparkle to your cake decorating. Use a tiny amount to add a finishing touch to home-made chocolates, or use it to completely cover an entire tier for a wedding cake.

Pick a cool, dry environment to work with your gold or silver leaf, as heat and moisture can make it difficult to work with. Cut out your desired shape, and carefully paint a very thin layer of edible glue on your chocolates or cake. Attach your gold or silver leaf to it using tweezers, and use a soft dry brush to gently press it in place. Gold leaf looks great against a chocolate backdrop, or if using it on sugarpaste, the contrast is beautiful with a white or black icing.

Pick up some chocolate moulds in a range of different shapes and sizes to fill with melting chocolate and top with gold or silver leaf to give as gifts. Gold and silver leaf really adds a glamorous touch of opulence which your friends and family will appreciate. Both types look great scattered over Christmas cookies and desserts to catch the light. Coating an entire tier of a multi-tiered cake in gold or silver leaf creates a striking contrast, and would suit any occasion, whether it's a birthday cake or a wedding cake.