Icing Sugars & Cake Frostings

From traditional royal icing to flavoured icing sugars (such as pina colada and pink lemonade!) and ready-made buttercream frostings (including scrummy salted caramel and chocolate) our icing range is ideal for covering and decorating all your celebration cakes.
Cake Craft sells cake icings from top brands including Dr. Oetker, Sugar and Crumbs, Cake Decor, Sattina, Squires Kitchen and Knightsbridge Pme.
We have a ready-made royal icing mix which is perfect if you're rushed for time and our ready-made cake frostings come in convenient tubs (simply scoop the contents straight into a piping bag, or spread it straight on top of your cake using a palette knife).

For sugarpaste (roll out fondant icing), and piping icing, check out the full range of icings. We also have a wide range of food colouring so you can colour your icing in a kaleidoscopic array of colours.