Sugar Flowers & Sugar Rose Sprays

We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of handmade flowers. The easiest way to add some colour is by using the edible dusting powders, which also come in silvers and golds. Pour a little of the dust onto some kitchen paper and using a medium soft brush, take up a small amount of the dust. As you can always add more colour but not take it away, we usually now brush a few strokes across the kitchen paper to only leave a tiny amount on the brush - this avoids brushing streaks of colour across the flowers. Keep adding the colour until content with the result. We also now have a selection of lustre sprays in pearl, gold, blue and green.

Very popular at the moment are the diamantes, gems and pearls which come in a variety of colours. These can be added into any flower spray to give it a modern twist. Find these under wedding decorations.

Packing: the flowers are packed extremely well and we have very, very few beakages. If any flowers are broken in transit, we will replace them as long as we are notified straight away.

Bear grass and gypsophila: you will find silver, gold and green bear grass and dried gypsophila on the 'artificial flowers' page.