Valentine Photo Cake Toppers

Surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day with a unique cake - personalised just for them!

Thanks to PhotoCake® (our edible photo printing service), you can create a romantic cake by adding a special message, a cherished photo of the two of you or edible cake strips around the sides of your cakes! A Valentine edible photo print cake is a great way of putting a picture on a cake with ease, simply select your own photo to be printed on to an icing sheet, email us the image and optional personalised message, choosing from a range of fonts and colours to suit your cake design or ribbon. 

We use premium icing sheets in a printer specifically prepared for food use and edible ink.  Our edible toppers are printed in-house, and we are proud to be able to say we have been given a 5 STAR RATING from our local council for health & hygiene in our kitchen area (where printing is carried out).

 When selecting your image or photo, choose to print on an A4 icing sheet, a 7.5” pre-cut round disc or 2” pre-cut cupcake toppers. The image strips come on a sheet that includes 3 edible strips, ideal for decorating the side of a cake. All plaques are sent in a hardbacked padded envelope.