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Blue Glitter Number Candles

Product Code: AHC30

No. 0 Candle £1.75
No. 1 Candle £1.75
No. 2 Candle £1.75
No. 3 Candle £1.75
No. 4 Candle £1.75
No. 5 Candle £1.75
No. 6 Candle £1.75
No. 7 Candle £1.75
No. 8 Candle £1.75
No. 9 Candle £1.75


Add some sparkle to a birthday cake with these large blue glitter number candles.  Celebrate not only a milestone birthday but any age with these candles as each number is available to purchase individually.  Please note, the glitter is only on one side of the candle (which has an integral pick to easily insert into your cake).

Available from 0-9

Height approx. 65mm