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Buttercream Ribbon Effect Side Scraper (Contour Comb)

Product Code: PULRSP



Want to achieve a professional buttercream finish on your cakes?...then this nifty tool is perfect! The clear acrylic ribbon stripe side scraper (also known as a contour comb) with seven grooves turns a plain cake into one to be proud of.

Place your cake on a turntable, cover it with a generous coating of your chosen covering - buttercream, ganache or royal icing, heat* the ribbed side scraper and spin on the turntable, holding the tool in place as it spins. This will create your neat, professional finish. Suitable for use on a cake up to six inches tall.

Approx. 160mm x 75mm 

*NEVER heat in a microwave - we placed our side scraper in a bowl of hot water. Please use common sense and remove the scraper only when the water has cooled enough to do so!!