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Edgers Prestige Range - Side Edger & Sharp Top Edger Set

Product Code: EDGSET1



Set of 2 edgers which help you achieve a fantastic finish if you're covering your cakes with sugarpaste. The set includes a side edger which not only smoothes the sides of your cake but simultaneously gives an accomplished finish where the cake & board meet, as well as on the covered board itself. Neat vertical edges will always be achieved thanks to the fact this tool is built to a right angle - simply keep the base plate on the board when smoothing around the sides of the cake.
The other tool included is the sharp top edger, attaining a sugarpaste finish so neat it looks like beautifully smooth royal icing. If you do wish to royal ice your cake, use this tool to produce a neat finish to your marzipan before applying the royal icing. This tool is essentially for using on fruit cakes and not sponge. The manufacturers recommend using a dummy cake & keeping the sponge as a cutting cake as a sponge doesn't have the stability to take the pressure required to produce the desired finish. Another bonus is this also lets you cover the dummy in advance, saving you the stress of trying to achieve perfection at the last minute.

Side edger - approx.100mm (h) x 75mm (w) x 50mm (d)
Top edger - approx. 50mm (h) x 84mm (w)