Product Video: FMM Princess Cutter (To Create Multiple Cake Designs)

FMM Princess Cutter (To Create Multiple Cake Designs)


Single Cutter £10.50
10 Cutters £89.20


Create a variety of princesses with this amazing FMM all-in-one cutter! Whether you wish to make your child's favourite Disney princess to top a cake or even use their own features to design a caricature princess cake topper, this cutter helps you create their dream princess! 

Once you have familiarised yourself with the cutter, you will be able to let your imagination run wild and have fun creating a range of princesses for cakes (and cupcakes, using the head and smaller shapes). 

  • The scalloped outer edge can be used to create a frill on a dress or around the outside of your cake, as well as giving your princess long curly hair.
  • Use the plain and curved edge of the cutter to create an over-skirt. The curve is also great for cutting out thin strips of 'ribbon'.
  • For best results use with modelling paste. Alternatively, add a little sugarcel (cmc) to strengthen your desired coloured sugarpaste.
  • Embellish your princesses using the decorative shapes on the cutter - flowers, hearts, bows and a crown.

Available as a single cutter or 10 cutters

Cutter - approx. 160mm dia.
Skirt - approx. 105 x 85mm (at widest points)
Bodice - approx. 25 x 25mm (at widest points)
Head shape - approx. 18 x 22mm (at widest points)
Arm/leg - approx. 43 x 7mm
Embellishment shapes - range from approx. 5 - 25mm

Check out our project sheet for brilliant hints and tips to achieve best results! 

Cakes NOT included - for illustration purposes only.