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FMM Superhero Cutter Set (2Pc.)

Product Code: FMMCUTSPHR

Single Set £7.60
10 Sets £56.00


This two piece tappit cutter set from FMM contains 12 superhero designs - perfect for making decorations to top cupcakes, cookies and large cakes. 

Not only are the motifs ideal for a superhero cake, some of the cutters are versatile to be used for all manner of other things. The bat and spider cutters are perfect for Halloween, one of the speech bubbles doubles up as a cloud,  the star is great for Christmas and celebration cakes, and the radiation motif may be used as an engine on an aeroplane cake. Full instructions included and you can check out FMM's video below.

Motifs include:
Words - BANG!, POW! and ZAP!
Bat, spider, star, lightning bolt, radiation symbol, HERO badge and 3 various speech bubble fonts.

Available as a single set or 10 sets

Approx. 40-60mm

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