Fmm Mummy And Baby Llamas Cutter Set


Single Set £6.00
10 Sets £44.00


Create some colourful cake toppers using this mummy and baby llamas cutters set from Fmm. Whether you want to make a cute baby shower cake, or a funky themed birthday cake, use modelling paste to cut out your llamas to either stand upright on your cakes or place around the sides of your cake instead of a ribbon. The small cutter makes ideal sized llamas to pop on top of cupcakes too! Full instructions included.

The cutters have sharp cutting edges, giving your shapes clean, crisp outlines. Simple to use, all you have to decide is whether you will add detail to your cut-out llamas using edible paint, edible pens, sugarpaste or modelling pastes. Once decorated the llamas can be secured to the side of a cake with edible glue, a dab of royal icing or a tiny amount of water.

Remember to use a modelling paste and leave to dry overnight if you intend standing your Llamas upright!

Set includes 1 large and 1 small Llama cutter .

Available as a single set or set of 10.

Large Llama - approx. 92mm x 71mm (at widest points)
Small Llama - approx. 55mm x 44mm (at widest points)


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