Product Video: Fmm Set Of 3 Easy Bunting Cutters

Fmm Set Of 3 Easy Bunting Cutters

Product Code: FMMCUTBUNT

Single Set £7.50
10 Sets £42.00


Produce quick and easy bunting with this set of 3 bunting cutters by Fmm. The 3 different sized plastic cutters allow you to cut out 8 pendant flags in one go - perfect if you need to cut out multiples to decorate the sides of a large cake. Use an embosser rolling pin if you wish, and when ready, personalise your bunting with a message fit for any celebration. We suggest you use a 50/50 mix of sugarpaste and a modelling paste (such as Sattina Perfect Paste) to use with the bunting cutters which does not set as hard as modelling paste and is still soft enough to eat if you wish.

Available as a single set or 10 sets

Cutter 1 - approx.60mm
Cutter 2 - approx.70mm
Cutter 3 - approx.90mm