Product Video: Fmm 'The Easiest Carnation Ever' Cutters (2 pc.)

Fmm 'The Easiest Carnation Ever' Cutters (2 pc.)


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The Easiest Carnation Cutter Ever® - this set of 2 cutters by FMM make the easiest and quickest sugar carnations ever! Your carnation creations may be added to cupcakes or cakes for an elegant finish and as they naturally come in numerous colours, it makes for an excellent choice of flower as you may make your blooms to suit your colour theme.

These cutters can be used to make 6 different sizes of carnations (each cutter will make 3 sizes) - 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 70mm (the technique is the same).

We love the fact that not only do these cutters make realistic carnations in no time at all, they also make romantic frills to add an elegant touch to celebration cakes and cupcakes.

Not only great for beginners because it is so simple to use, this cutter is also a real time saving tool for professionals. The cutter can be used with sugarpaste, flower or modelling paste or marzipan but works best with a 50/50 combination of modelling paste and sugarpaste. Full step by step instructions for use are included.

Cutter 1 - approx. 130mm x 50mm
Cutter 2 - approx. 145mm x 60mm

Tip: We created the frilly petals of the carnation using the frilling tool (Celstick), available to buy separately. Please see below in 'Other Fabulous Products You May Be Interested In'