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Karen Davies Graduation Mould

Product Code: KDGRAD



This delightful graduate mould is easy to use and makes a fabulous cake topper for a graduation celebration cake!

Just knead together a mixture of either ½ flower paste and ½ sugarpaste or 1/3 mexican paste and 2/3 sugarpaste and push into mould. Because the mould is pliable and flexible, your icing or marzipan easily pops out. It's shown here used in Karen Davies book 'A Cake for Models & Moulds' product code C03106. Dust and paint using powder colours mixed with isopropyl alcohol. Mix a little silver in with the black to give a better result when painting. When figure is dry it can be stood up on top of the cake. An open book novelty cake would work well with this figure. This figure can be male or female. Use a no.42 piping nozzle with royal icing to pipe a different hairstyle.

Size: 12cm x 5.5cm