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Karen Davies Large Rose Mould

Product Code: KDLGRS



This large rose mould has 5 very different roses, ranging from an 8cm rose to a tiny 1cm bud. The large cavity is great if you're pushed for time, an economic way of making roses and is an alternative to making a rose by hand. The rose has a smaller one in the mould to match it. The flatter multi-petal 4cm rose is perfect for many designs. There is also a small rose & leaf and a tiny bud. These have many uses; for example, using in a border or as small groups of roses placed together.

8cm, 4.5cm, 4cm, 3cm, 1cm.

Please note - this mould is for roses only (in various sizes), the photo shows other leaves and flowers made using the Karen Davies Sugar Twine Mould, available to purchase separately.


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