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Karen Davies Tropical Birds Mould

Product Code: KDTROPBIR



Design a spectacular tropical themed cake using this Karen Davies Tropical Birds silicone mould. The mould includes five popular birds of the tropics - flamingo, cockatoo, toucan, parrot and humming bird; perfect for placing on top of your cake or using around the sides. Use with other moulds in her Tropical range to complete your creation! 

Flamingo - approx. 113mm x 124mm
Cockatoo - approx. 50mm x 60mm
Parrot - approx. 35mm x 146mm
Toucan - approx. 55mm x 58mm
Humming bird - approx. 43mm x 40mm

Mould is made in the UK and independently tested in Germany to assure compliance to the highest food standards.

The flamingo can also be used as a stork!


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