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Karen Davis Sugar Flowers Mould

Product Code: KDSUGFL


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For a cake to have its sides completely covered in sugar flowers would usually take hours to decorate - from painstakingly making the flowers from either cutters or moulds to then sticking them individually on the cake with royal icing. This amazing mould saves you time and effort, and even someone with little cake decorating experience will be able to produce a celebration cake with an abundance of sugar blossoms in no time at all.  Mould includes four individual flower moulds to help disguise any joins on your cake. Full instructions included. 

Approx. 330mm x 105mm

Top Tips:

To achieve a shimmer & realistic effect to your flowers, brush lustre dust into the mould before pushing your paste into it. 

To produce a colourful floral border, add different coloured paste to the flowers until the whole mould is completely filled the paste and finish as per instructions included.



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