Product Video: Katy Sue Dragon Eyes Silicone Mould

Katy Sue Dragon Eyes Silicone Mould

Product Code: KSCE0079



Create a stunning fantasy dragon or dinosaur cake using this amazing dragon eyes mould.  The food-safe silicone mould includes both eyes, set within their detailed scaly sockets. 
You can make the outer folds of the eyes in two sizes by extending the paste over the top of the textured walls of the mould. The eyes have a slit pupil within, making it easy to add eye ball detail to each eye.

Use with the Claws and Continuous Dragon Skin to create a full figure dragon, monster, dinosaur, snake or mask. 

Mould - approx. 187mm x 65mm 

Highly detailed, easy to use mould
Dishwasher safe
Made from food safe silicone
Mould can be used in an oven up to 200°c. 

All Katy Sue silicone moulds are made in a UK factory and are made with FDA/EU compliant food grade silicone. Moulds can be used with Fondant (needs a firming agent added) sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, isomalt, polymer clay, paper clay, air-drying clay modelling clay, cold porcelain, salt dough, wax, soap and resin.