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Kitchen Craft Large Calendula Russian Nozzle (Piping Tube)

Product Code: KCNOZLGCAL



Large calendula Russian nozzle (also known as a piping tube), part of Kitchen Craft's 'Sweetly Does It' range. Create  amazing buttercream blooms on top of cupcakes and cakes with this stainless steel Russian nozzle without having to be a professional!
Unlike a traditional piping nozzle, it features a flat surface with the calendula-shaped design already cut into the top. Simply pop the icing tip in any piping bag and fill with buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream and royal icing before squeezing to produce dainty  20mm edible flowers. 
Base opening - approx. 35mm
Top design - approx. 25mm

Dishwasher safe
12 month guarantee