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LissieLou 'Happy Anniversary' Cookie Embosser Stamp

Product Code: LLHACS



Perfect for making professional looking cookies or cupcake toppers for a couple celebrating their anniversary - be it their first anniversary or their 70th! This LissieLou cookie stamp will indent the wording 'happy anniversary' in your bakes and give each one its uniform lettering.

The embosser will give anyone who lacks confidence or struggles piping, the guidelines to do so neatly and efficiently, eliminating inconsistencies when decorating a batch of of cookies or cupcakes. This in turn will save time and effort, producing beautiful bakes for an anniversary gift or cookies and cupcakes baked and decorated for a big celebration party. 

This reusable embosser is made from high quality, food certified PLA which is the perfect thickness to leave stunning crisp lines in icing. Choose whether to finish your cookies or cupcakes with the embossed message piped with royal icing, simply embossed and left plain, or use edible paints or dusts to highlight the wording*.

Stamp - approx. 70 x 62mm
Message - approx. 55 x 45mm

Most suitable for cookies from 60 to 80mm

*Emboss your message lightly if you wish to paint it - the deeper the emboss the harder it will be to paint. Deeper embossing is great if you wish to fill the impressions with mini edible balls (pearls) or sprinkles, or if you wish to use an airbrush to spray for a fabulous effect.

Do not put in the dishwasher or use abrasive materials to clean. Wash with a sponge in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Made in the UK

This design is also available as a Cookie Embosser (producing raised lettering in the icing).

Check out our project sheet on How To Add A Message To Your Bakes With The Lissielou Stamp Embossers for lots of handy tips and hints.