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Marble Effect / Watersplash Mesh Stencil By House Of Cake

Product Code: C87050



Create an amazing marble or watersplash effect cake using this fantastic NEW flexible mesh stencil from House of Cake.

Marbled cakes are one of the latest crazes to hit the cake industry, and this mesh stencil allows you to apply a marble or rippling water effect to the top and sides of your cake, even if you are a novice cake decorator. 

Using this stencil with edible silver or gold icing produces an extravagant cake which will wow all your friends and family and may be used time and time again!

 To achieve a metallic finish we recommend House of Cake gold and silver writing icing

  • For a white pattern applied on a coloured cake, add an edible whitener (such as Sugarflair Superwhite)
  • Coloured patterns may be achieved adding edible food colouring to royal icing
  • For definition, embellish your cake using edible glitter
  • Suitable for applying to fondant
  • Full instructions are included on the packaging

Pattern size - approx.123mm x 125mm
Stencil - approx. 152mm x 154mm