Product Video: 'Meadow' And 'Foliage' Stencils For Cake Decorating

'Meadow' And 'Foliage' Stencils For Cake Decorating

Product Code: C87070SET



We have teamed up the meadow and foliage stencils* by House Of Cake so you can achieve a stunning contemporary design to go around the side of a cake.

Foliage design -approx. 133mm x 100mm
Meadow design - approx. 135mm x 100mm

How to use:
Place the stencil into the required position on your cake, holding gently but firmly. Apply the edible food colouring or spread your icing using an angled palette knife. Remove gently from the cake. Leave to dry before adding further decorations to avoid smudging the design.

*You are making a saving of 5% by purchasing these two items together.