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PME Fun Fonts Numbers And Specials Stamping Set For Cakes - Collection 2 (31Pc.)

Product Code: KFF56



Use this PME Fun Fonts number and specials embossing set to give your celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies a professional finish. 

The boxed set includes 31 pieces - numbers 0-9, diacritic marks*, punctuation marks**. hashtag mark and ordinal letters*** so adding ages or special dates to your bakes is really easy! Simply press gently into sugarpaste, flower paste, modelling chocolate or marzipan to leave your perfectly embossed impressions.

*Acute, double acute, caron, cedilla, comma, dot, grave, circumflex, tilde, umlaut, macaron, overring, and breve.
** Exclamation mark, and question mark.
*** st, nd, rd, th.

  • Each embosser has a handle on the back to make them easy to hold. 
  • To ensure you have picked up the correct cutter, check the number/character showing below the handle as you hold it.
  • Made from food-safe transparent material so you can see exactly where you're placing them. 
  • Press gently into your chosen medium.
  • Choose whether to finish your cake with the embossed numbers/characters as they are, or use edible paints or dusts to highlight or add a splash of colour***
  • Wash and store the embossers in their designated place on the tray within the box so you can find the letters easily next time!

Numbers height - approx. 22mm

***Emboss your numbers/characters lightly if you wish to paint them - the deeper the emboss the harder it will be to paint. Deeper embossing is great if you wish to fill the lettering with edible balls (pearls) or sprinkles, or if you wish to use an airbrush to spray for a fabulous effect.

For the matching alphabet embossers in lower and upper case, purchase the PME Fun Fonts Upper And Lower Case Letter Stamping Set here.