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Pack of 5 Round White Masonite Cake Board (4mm Deep)


Approx. 6 Inch (148mm) - (5 PACK) £5.94
Approx. 8 Inch (198mm) - (5 PACK) - Out of Stock £8.31  
Approx. 9 Inch (224mm)- (5 PACK) £9.50
Approx. 10 Inch (249mm) - (5 PACK) - Out of Stock £11.88  
Approx. 11 Inch (274mm) - (5 PACK) £12.59
Approx. 12 Inch (299mm) - (5 PACK) £13.06
Approx. 14 Inch (351mm) - (5 PACK) £14.25


Pack of 5 Masonite* white round cake boards.

The board features a subtle and elegant embossed design - perfect for birthday, wedding, anniversary and Christmas cakes.

PLEASE  NOTE, THESE BOARDS COME UP A FRACTION OF AN INCH SMALLER THAN THE SIZE THE MANUFACTURER STATES so that they fit perfectly into the same size box. This also helps if you are using them as the base of a cake when being stacked!

Available in sizes 148mm (approx. 6 inches) to 351mm (approx. 14 inches)

4mm deep

*Masonite is a type of engineered hardboard