Product Video: Rose Cone Cakes Kit

Rose Cone Cakes Kit

Product Code: WIL4820KIT



This set includes the equipment needed to bake, decorate and serve beautiful buttercream rose cone cakes. 

Place your wafer ice cream cones or conical baking cases in the holes of the cupcake baking rack, fill with cake batter and bake. Once your cakes have cooled, pop the Wilton no.1B rose piping tube into one of the disposable piping bags, fill with buttercream and pipe your rose blooms on top. The stand is ideal for holding your cones in place whilst you pipe and is a convenient way of transporting and displaying your cakes at a party or event. Finish your rose cakes with buttercream leaves piped using the Wilton no. 366 piping tube.

Kit includes:

  • Wilton cone cakes baking rack
  • Wilton disposable decorating bags (24Pc.)
  • Wilton no.1B rose piping tube
  • Wilton no.366 leaf pipe tube

Cone cakes rack - approx. 270mm x 165mm
Disposable piping bag - 12 inch
Rose piping tube - approx.20mm
Leaf piping tube - approx.20mm

Please note: the Wilton rack holds up to 12 cone cupcakes, is dishwasher safe and folds flat for convenient storage.


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