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Silikomart ‘Mini Contemporary’ 4 Cavity Mould For Cakesicles / Ice Creams

Product Code: SKM22345



Have fun creating individual desserts or ice creams on a stick using this 'mini contemporary' silicone mould from Silikomart. Cakesicles are very popular at the moment and this is a fabulous way of baking cake and encasing it within a delicious chocolate coating before decorating with drizzle icing and/or sprinkles and packaging in pretty food-safe bags to gift to friends and family.

Suitable for any occasion, cakesickles are a fun twist on regular cake pops but without the struggle of trying to dip your cake pop in chocolate to find it crack or even slip off the lollipop stick! Being slightly bigger and an easier shape than a sphere to decorate, you brush the mould with chocolate or candy melts before filling the hardened candy shell with your cake ball filling and coating with a final layer of chocolate and  decorating to suit your colour theme.

The Silikomart mini contemporary mould is a one-piece mould with four cavities and supplied with 50 wooden sticks and a recipe booklet (with recipes for chocolate parfait, Italian meringue and a dark chocolate delight).

Mould approx. 198 x 110mm (at widest points)
Individual cavity size –70mm x 33mm
Cavity: 4
Vol. cavity: 38ml

This mould is suitable for the oven, refrigerator, blast chiller and dishwasher. The mould is suitable for temperature from -60°C (-76°F) up to +230°C (+446°F).