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Sphere Polystyrene Cake Dummy

Product Code: CCGSPH

4 Inch £3.50
6 Inch £12.50


Create fun dummy cakes using this spherical shaped polystyrene cake dummy which may be covered in sugarpaste, buttercream or royal icing. Ideal for making fantasy cakes, sports balls, planets, heads and even Pokemon balls!  The covered orb saves making and shaping cake which may be difficult to achieve for some.  The sphere cake dummies may be washed and reused.

Available in 2 sizes:
4" diameter (102mm) 
6" diameter (152mm)  
The two sizes available have a different finish. The 4" has a smooth finish and the 6" has a textured exterior.

Please note, there may be some slight imperfections at manufacture, but these will not affect the look of your finished covered sphere. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our Customer Services Team.