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Sugar Flower Making Kit

Product Code: CCWFLOWKIT



This kit contains the basic equipment you'll need to start making sugar flowers.

It includes:-
Cornflour pouch - for giving a light and even dusting to your work surface.
Small non-stick multi-purpose leaf veining board - Mexican hat holes and reverse side plain for making your flowers.
Non-slip mat - adds stability to your board whilst you work on it.
Stay fresh mat -  allows you to cut out several petals at a time without them drying out.
Pme Flower and leaf modelling tool - use to carve and shape flowers and leaves, as well as marking veins.
Pme ball tool - use to cup and frill petals and to make round indentations and smooth curves in modelling.
Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste - use to make delicate flowers (both wired & unwired)
9 inch non-stick rolling pin - use to achieve a smooth glide, allowing you to roll out flower paste thinly without it sticking. It is made from top grade food safe (polypropylene) material.
Pack of 2 green florist tape (stemwrap) - adhesive tape,  ideal for putting around wires and stems of flowers to disguise them and keep in them in place.
2 x pack of 50 green wires (24 gauge and 26 gauge) - ideal for medium to large sugar flowers.
Pink square washable firm foam former pad - use to roll out your paste, ready to cut out & shape flower petals and foliage easily.
36 cavity pink foam flower former mat - use to shape & dry your sugar flowers or decorations.

Cornflour pouch - nett weight 70g
Non-stick multi-purpose board - approx.195mm x 120mm
Non-slip mat - approx.180mm x 100mm
Stay fresh mat - 180mm x 95mm
Pme flower and leaf modelling tool - approx.160mm
Pme ball tool - approx.140mm
Sattina 3 in 1 modelling paste - nett weight 250g
Pink square washable firm foam former pad - approx.200mm x 200mm
36 cavity pink foam flower former mat - approx.300mm x 300mm
Green floral tape (2) - each 6mm wide, length: 27m
Green wires - approx.360mm length