Sugarcraft Gun

Product Code: GUYKLAY50



The sugarcraft gun is brilliant for creating ropes, hair, ribbons and many other shapes out of flower paste, modelling paste and marzipan.

How to use the Sugarcraft Gun in 4 easy steps...

1. Unscrew the end of the Sugarcraft Gun, choose your disc and place it into the end cap.

2. Take enough sugarpaste to fill the gun and knead a small amount of Petal Base into it.

3. Pull the metal pole up. Roll the sugarpaste into a long sausage & place into the gun. Screw the end cap with the chosen disc back onto the end.

2. Push the long metal pole down hard, hold the gun & squeeze a few times until the sugarpaste comes out of the end, cut off at the desired length.

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Product Video: Sugarcraft Gun