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Make Your Own 3D Minions Cake Frame Kit

Product Code: CCG92313



Make your favourite minion with this easy to use kit. The kit can be used to make Bob, Kevin or Stuart or you could even do your own design if you are feeling creative. The kit  comes with simple step by step instructions and reuseable internal support. All parts of the CakeFrame kit are 100% food grade and the kit can also be dismantled and used again.

This kit includes:

  • 25cm Dia. base plate with 1 platform
  • 4 medium rods
  • 2 adapters 
  • 4 locking nuts

Wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.  Dishwasher safe.

RRP: £14.99

Take a look at our FREE project download to find out how to make your own 3D Minions Cake.