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Silver Jet Airbrush Kit

Product Code: AIRKIT1




Kit includes:
- Iwata Silver Jet compressor
- NEO CN airbrush
- Set of 12 Kopykake colours
- Kopykake cleaner
- Twenty Two Airbrush Lessons Booklet
- Medea Getting Started in Airbrush booklet

This airbrush does not splutter and comes with a 10 year warranty*. It takes not only liquid colours but metallic colours too for highlighting. The compressor gives pulse free air with precise adjustment of air pressure to the airbrush. The professional cleaning solution helps to keep your airbrush in pristine condition. The set includes 12 professional water based colours to getting you started (pink, orange, yellow, apricot, blue, peach, green, teal, violet, brown, red & black).
Please note that our Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paints are compatible with the Silver Jet Air Spray - please see product code RDMETPAINT.

*Manufacturer warranty is valid with proof of purchase. Please keep your invoice / shop receipt in case you need to make a claim.

Please allow 7 days for delivery - not currently a next day delivery item.

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