Cake Frame 45pc Starter Kit by Dawn Butler

Product Code: CCGFRAME



Produce gravity defying creations with this innovative kit by Dawn Butler. The Cake Frame is a food-grade cake support system to help assemble tiered & novelty cakes that up until now, have been impossible to do. The kit includes various dishwasher-safe boards, rods & joints, ensuring you can use it multiple times - simply start with the base board and foundation piece to build up your cake layers safely and securely.

The kits includes:
1 x Round base board - 10" (1A)
1 x Round platform - 6" (2B)
1 x Round platform - 4" (3C)
2 x Single angled joint (4D)
2 x Elbow joint (5E)
6 x Connector (6F)
12 x Blanking Cap (7G)
4 x Collar (8H)
2 x Lock nut (9I)
4 x Long rod - 10cm (10J)
2 x Medium rod - 5cm (11K)
2 x Small rod - 2.5cm (12L)
1 x Long foundation (13M)
1 x Short foundation (14N)
2 x Collared adapter (15O)
2 x Plain adapter (16P)

Product Video: Cake Frame 45pc Starter Kit by Dawn Butler