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Lace Ribbon Texture Sheet

Product Code: EDCRTMMS0037



These 6 embossed lace border patterns can be used with chocolate, sugarpaste or petal paste/modelling paste. The sheet is non-stick so there is no need for any greasing or dusting of the surface. For use with sugarpaste, simply press the embossed sheet onto the icing, roll over firmly with a small rolling pin, remove the sheet and cut out the shape you require. If you are using petal paste/ modelling paste for a much finer decoration, smear your work surface with a really light covering of Jem petal base or Trex. Press the textured sheet onto the icing and roll over very firmly with a small rolling pin. Repeatedly roll backwards and forwards very firmly until the icing beneath is very thinly rolled out. Remove the textured sheet and cut around the decoration with a craft knife. For a pretty lace effect, use the PME piping tubes 1, 2 and 3 to cut out small circles and a craft knife to cut any larger shapes out. To bring out the embossed effect even further, lightly spray the decoration with edible pearl lustre spray.

Width of pattern vary from 12mm to 50mm approx.

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