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Texture Sheet of 5 Wool Pattern Pieces

Product Code: EDCRTMMS0041



Texture sheet of 5 different wool textured pieces. This sheet can be used with chocolate, sugarpaste or petal paste/modelling paste. It is non-stick so there is no need for any greasing or dusting of the surface. For use with sugarpaste, simply press the embossed sheet onto the icing, roll over firmly with a small rolling pin, remove the sheet and cut out the shape you require. If you are using petal paste/ modelling paste for a much finer decoration, smear your work surface with a really light covering of Jem petal base or Trex. Press the textured sheet onto the icing and roll over very firmly with a small rolling pin. Repeatedly roll backwards and forwards very firmly until the icing beneath is very thinly rolled out. Remove the textured sheet and cut around the decoration with a craft knife.

Individual square of wool - approx.110 x 100mm (please note they do vary slightly)
Individual strips of wool - range approx.230 x 40mm to 250 x 35mm (once again, these do vary).